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Designer Brunello Cucinelli recently paid a visit to his beautiful boutique at Hirshleifers.  We sat down with him for a chat. 

1. When you think of East Coast style–and in particular that of Long Island–what adjectives and thoughts come to mind?

I’ve always felt that women in America are a perfect mix of feminine and practical sensibility. Modern women are busy between their personal and professional lives and when I design my collection I often think about this. The East Coast style embodies understated elegance. With more seasonal changes, women need more layers and are able to mix beautiful cashmere pieces with furs and different textures.

Our neutral color palette always seems to feel appropriate for the Northeast client and I see an appreciation for quality in both manufacturing and use of fabric similar to the taste of European women. They like to invest in timeless pieces that they’ll wear for years without being affected by trends. I enjoy seeing how they embrace style by mixing fashion and jewelry in a playful way but still maintaining a sense of sophisticated taste.

2. In what way is your boutique at Hirshleifers at Americana Manhasset a natural complement to the center’s breadth of designer boutiques and upscale aura?

I am grateful for the partnership with Hirshleifers; they are such a remarkable family. They believe in values and a philosophy of work and life that reflect our humanistic ways.

Regarding the boutique itself, they have given us the opportunity to showcase our collection in a beautiful space, light-filled and spacious, where we have brought to life the soul of our brand. The center of Americana Manhasset is designed and maintained with impeccable taste and we are delighted to have such an important presence within the Hirshleifers boutique.

3. What are three timeless Brunello Cucinelli essentials that you would advise any male and female client of yours to own?

A cashmere knit, a white cotton shirt, a piece from our outerwear collection.

4. How do you define personal style?

Style is a very singular expression of a person’s mindset and life. I like the idea that each person can feel free to express their own individuality through their style choices and I often design the collection in a way to allow the most freedom possible when buying our pieces. We have specific style codes that define the Brunello Cucinelli aesthetic but I am happy when I see how our clients interpret it with their own taste.

5. What do you love most about Americana Manhasset? How is it a reflection of luxury and style?

I like the pristine maintenance of the grounds, the choice of plants and the way each store takes so much pride in maintaining their space in a perfectly organized manner.
It reminds me of our factory and village of Solomeo. Everyone contributes to keep them clean, orderly and there is a sense of pride from everyone who lives there because they care so much about the community and feel fortunate to work and live in such a special place.

6. How has Hirshleifers become a member of your retail family? In what way(s) are they unique amongst your many retailers around the world?

The warmth I felt in the room [at the dinner], when seeing Shelley, Lori, Caryn with their children and husbands was something so incredibly special to me. It felt like coming “home.”
I have believed that true and honest relationships are at the core of real success in life. Working with the Hirshleifers family isn’t only rewarding on a professional level but mostly importantly, on a personal level. They are hardworking, dedicated and passionate people and I am filled with admiration and gratitude towards them.

7. You would never, ever find me wearing:

Probably a strong green. I still remember the time when I was a young boy when my mother gave me a pair of green wool pants for Christmas. I hated them so much I hid them under ground, so she would never find them again!

8. As a man with deep Italian roots, food and wine are no doubt two elements of your life that you cherish. Share with us a recipe for one of your favorite Italian dishes…and which wine would you pair with it?

My favorite dish is always a very simple one: pasta al Pomodoro. They key to this dish is to use the best possible fresh tomatoes with basil and olive oil. I like simple flavors made by the combination of the best quality ingredients. A Tuscan red would be a good pairing, one of my favorite Tignanello.